Esther is an experienced DEI professional and thought leader with a wealth of experience in translating complex DEI issues into clear, digestible actions and is great at demystifying DEI.

From board meetings to in-house gatherings and Town Halls, Esther regularly delivers talks to individuals looking to gain a better understanding of the DEI landscape, increasing understanding and appreciation for this important topic.

Esther is praised for her engaging style and her ability to quickly build a rapport and dial into the cultural dynamics and individual needs of an organisation.


  • Why every organisation needs a DEI strategy
  • Hope is not a DEI strategy
  • Seeing beyond unconscious bias into conscious inclusion
  • Why I care about DEI – as a white woman, of a certain age!
  • Why Allyship is the key to your people belonging
  • Don’t worry about being woke, you have bigger fish to fry
  • Why DEI is hitched to everything that you do