“Esther worked with us to deeply understand our current I&D environment by conducting a number of workshops across all levels of our organisation and a number of key one to one interviews.

This process was extremely valuable to us as we were in a bit of an unknown place with regard to I&D in our own organisation. We thought we knew, but we really didn’t.

When you are interacting with everyone from the manufacturing shop floor to PhDs in the Innovation function, and to the Executive Team, you need someone who is calm, approachable, creates a trusted environment, understands the subject well, and can gently but firmly challenge both conscious and unconscious thinking in a way that has people walking away contemplating rather than just reacting

Esther was exactly that person for us. We are left with a company that feels positively about the opportunities that a more inclusive environment can bring, and that is definitely partly due to Esther’s influence.”